University of Lahore

There is an intense awakening that sound economic policies for any country require the services of highly trained economists, having sound analytical ability and problem solving skills. Also, it is a well-recognized fact that application of new ideas and economic theory leads to create new knowledge; one of the main objectives and contributions of universities for which these institutions are meant for. The Department of Economics ensures development of the skills needed for variety of services in the education sector, international institutions and public sector. We have introduced postgraduate programs which meet market demands and also enhance intellectual ability of our students. The department is build to foster advanced education and training in Economics. For this purpose, M.Sc. in Economics, M. Phil. in Applied Economics and Ph.D. in Economics programs have been introduced. We assure a purposeful academic and social life at “The University of Lahore” and students feel proud of investing their precious time and energy for their bright career. We have opened a window of opportunity to fulfill dreams by having quality education. The department intends and keeps its doors open to attract top economists and professional experts to impart quality education and training. The department has all major state of the art facilities. Now, students may benefit from it and get ready to embrace the challenge needed to achieve their goals.